Twitter users were buzzing about “inequality Godzilla” on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

So do we! But what is “inequality Godzilla” and how did it come about?

Bam! Sen. Lee always cuts right to the chase with no craven equivocating. His Tea Party response to President Obama’s State of the Union Address was no exception and is a must-watch:

Bingo. No caving! Americans can count on Sen. Lee to stand strong with a firm spine.

You can read the whole text here (and you really must), but here is a quick fist pump-inducing snippet:

And of course, Obamacare – all by itself – is an inequality Godzilla that has robbed working families of their insurance, their doctors, their wages and their jobs. Many Americans are now seeing why some of us fought so hard to stop this train-wreck over the last four years.

Government-driven inequality is the reason why, as hard-working families across the country struggle to make ends meet, six of the ten wealthiest counties in America are now suburbs of Washington, D.C.

Throughout the last five years, President Obama has promised an economy for the middle class; but all he’s delivered is an economy for the middle-men.

And tonight his party cheered as he asked for more of the same, as if the solution to inequality were … well … more inequality.

Dead-on, sir! Twitchy founder Michelle Malkin offers an excellent idea:

Make. It. Happen.

Citizens heaped praise on Lee: