MSNBC has been crazier than usual lately, and that’s saying something, but check out this slimewad tweet about a new ad for Cheerios:

The right wing will “hate” the biracial family depicted in the Cheerios ad? Um, first of all, they really have short memories over at MSNBC, don’t they?

Insanity at MSNBC is nothing new, but that’s big time douchebaggery even for them.

Not that MSNBC will pay attention to anything that blows their false narrative to smithereens, but non-libs have been tweeting some wonderful family photos to counter MSNBC’s hateful lies and smears:

“Bigoted, sanctimonious pricks” about says it.

Actor Nick Searcy joined the fray to counter MSNBC’s disgusting comment:

This request will most likely be met with crickets:

We’ll wait…


Update: This post has been updated to include additional tweets.


Update: MSNBC has deleted its tweet. Here is a screencap for posterity:



Update: MSNBC has apologized.

Update: So, MSNBC apologized for the tweet, but what about the article that claimed there was “conservative backlash” against an earlier Cheerios ad featuring the biracial family?

No apology. The sentence was just quietly deleted from the MSNBC website.

See the original smear here.