Andrea Mitchell really is a piece of work. Today, she’s busy changing history:


Those words, “axis of evil,” and I was standing right here in Congress and when I heard those words, I called the control room and I said, “This is a big deal.” The State Department, you know, with all due respect, Colin Powell and the State Department did not focus enough on those words and get them taken out of the State of the Union. Because up until that moment, Iran was cooperating with the United States on the border of Afghanistan, it’s post-9/11. Iran was more or less an American ally.

Do we laugh? Do we cry? We’re really not sure. Slamming our heads on our desks ought to get the job done.

She’s clearly earned that title.


Andrea may not be too familiar with reality, but tweeters are more than willing to give her a history lesson, free of charge:

Or maybe she’s high:

Or maybe she’s trying to make a career change:

There’s certainly plenty of material for her to work with.

And what really puts the icing on this cake is that only a lapdog like Mitchell could get away with saying something so stupid:

Oh, you know MSNBC would be having a field day. But for Mitchell? Only crickets.

She’s a joke.



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