A quick read through Liza Mundy’s piece in Politico Magazine, “The Most Judged Woman in America,” suggests that America is just not ready for a woman like Wendy Davis.

Madness indeed. Never mind the self-serving lies the Texas gubernatorial candidate sprinkled through her life story; Mundy writes that “Countless women started out in marriages where they were the junior partner, then at some point—to their own surprise as much as anybody’s — pulled ahead. In that way, Wendy Davis’s life is ordinary, but it’s something we haven’t come to terms with as a culture.” In other words, it’s not her fault; it’s ours.

Some readers have concluded that Politico Magazine hasn’t come to terms with the fact that Davis lied about her past.




Stop judging!

Yes, it must come as a relief to Sarah Palin to know that she’s not the most judged woman in America.