The #MarchForLife doesn’t suit the lapdog narrative, natch. As Twitchy reported, the bitter cold has not kept pro-life advocates from the 41st annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. Activists are also flooding Twitter with celebrations of life and reasons #WhyWeMarch. 

Will the media take notice this year?

Perhaps they will surprise us with a plot twist?

Doubtful. And if it is covered, it will be downplayed as usual.

The protesters must be using some form of dark magic! Evidently, they are clandestine and covert:


It’s OK, though. Once again, citizens are doing the job that the media refuses to do.


Keep it coming, Twitter. Can you hear us now, media?

Nearly 56 million precious lives have been snuffed out before they were able to take their first breath. Nearly 56 million voices have forever been silenced. We must, and we will, speak for them.


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