Here we go: Another feminist freak-out over actress Candace Cameron Bure.

Earlier this week, Bure told HuffPost Live that, as her book explains, she intentionally takes a more “submissive” role in her marriage. “The definition that I’m using with submissive is the biblical definition,” she said.

After supposedly pro-choice feminists went nuts over Bure’s choice, she smacked down whiners with a kick-ass photo.

HLN host Jane Velez-Mitchell apparently didn’t get the message that “submissive” doesn’t mean “weak” and “subservient” to Bure. (We’re told HLN is a cable network. Its viewer could not be reached for comment.)

Velez-Mitchell didn’t just criticize Bure. She shrieked her outrage to her panel. Over and over.

More of the segment here and here.

Once again, Bure took to Twitter to set the record straight.

Indeed. But why should Velez-Mitchell do her homework when she can freak out about Bure dishonoring the suffragettes with her happy 17-year marriage? Ridiculous.