Oh, yes. She did. Greta Van Susteren has had it with Huffington Post and its obsession with Fox News. Fellow Fox Newser Brit Hume retweeted her ticked-off post:

Ms. Van Susteren called out the HuffPo writer for his ridiculous post and slammed him for “watching someone else do journalism rather than going out and doing your own.” Beautiful. “Real journalists” don’t actually do journalism, as Twitchy readers know.

Another delicious sampling:

So…I did the story 4 times – in 2 mediums (TV and internet) before he did! Ha!

Note…deep in the Huff Post article the writer concedes, as he must that we did cover the topic ON THE RECORD at 7pm but it must have killed him! It killed the writer so badly that he tried to minimize it by writing that I did not ‘lead off” ON THE RECORD at 7pm with Governor Christie story. Shame on me! I thought, in my editorial judgment, that matters involving the President of the United States and the Former Secretary of Defense Gates trumped a story involving a Governor of New Jersey. That is what I led with. Maybe next time I should call this guy for editorial guidance? Apparently he knows….and he doesn’t have an agenda, right?




Yep. Lapdogs gotta be lapdoggy!

Says it all.


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