On Wednesday, #BridgeGhazi emerged as classless cretins’ hashtag of choice for tweets about the George Washington Bridge lane closure scandal tied to Gov. Chris Christie’s administration.

“Could you be any more insensitively vile? Chris Stevens. Ty Woods. Sean Smith. Glen Doherty,” was one of many spankings BuzzFeed’s Andrew Kaczynski received after calling #BridgeGhazi “the best hashtag on the Internet.”

So what did Politico do? It embraced the hashtag in this headline:

Here’s a tweet from the “real journalist” who authored the article.

New formula? Yeah, no.

Hey, hot tip, Politico: Critics leap on Politico for delighting in “repugnant” hashtag:

It’s beyond poor taste and the article neglects to even mention the smackdowns delivered to disrespectful tools using the hashtag.


What’s next?


(Hat tip: @gopfashionista)


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