Last weekend, Melissa Harris-Perry hosted a despicable MSNBC panel that mocked Mitt Romney’s adopted black grandson. Transracial adoption? Hi-freaking-larious, according to her panel.

Her apology tweets — complete with self-serving hashtag — struck many as a faux-pology. So today, a choked-up Harris-Perry issued an on-air apology to the Romney family and “other families formed through transracial adoption.”

Here’s video:

Caleb Howe writes:

What the comedians who have addressed this during the past week fail to realize is that they are not being chided for bad humor. They are experiencing the backlash against their presumption that everyone immediately agrees that white Republicans are to be naturally assumed racist.

So the only group due an apology yet to hear one, and who will almost certainly never hear one, are Republicans across the nation, who are caricatured and characterized as obviously racist every single day, based solely on their party affiliation. Unfortunately, as we’ll show later today in a follow-up post, the racist assumption about the right crops right back up in Harris-Perry’s show only a few segments after the above clip.

Read the whole thing.

So, other than quickly descending into her usual shtick, did Harris-Perry get the apology right this time? Reviews are mixed.


Mitt Romney is expected to address the attacks on his grandson on “Fox News Sunday.”

Expect him to show a lot more class than Harris-Perry’s panel showed last weekend.


Another piece worth reading on the latest #MHPapology:

Nolte notes that Harris-Perry says she “intended to say positive and celebratory things” about little Kieran Romney. That’s a tough sell:

I don’t know how anyone can watch what happened last Sunday and walk away believing that her intent was to say “positive and celebratory” things about the Romney family. Harris-Perry invited left-wing comedians to a segment designed specifically to snark on various topics, one of them being a photo of Mitt Romney and his grandchildren.


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