Ten million now have coverage because of Obamacare? The last we’d heard from the Department of Health and Human Services, only 2.1 million had signed up for plans through HealthCare.gov and state insurance exchanges — and the administration still isn’t saying how many of those have actually paid for coverage and how many have simply selected a plan.

Another 3.9 million people were determined eligible for Medicaid in October and November, although again, as the Atlantic points out, it’s not clear how many have actually enrolled.

So where does the extra 4 million come from? Well, if you count those 26 and under who are now able to stay on their parents’ insurance plans, you add another 3 million, according to HHS. Certainly, though, some of those twenty-somethings must have had their own insurance plans.

It’s true: only the administration gets to pick what “counts,” even if it means the government creates an “expanded definition” of “enrolled.” Ten million, though? That’s a stretch not even Kathleen Sebelius and HHS were willing to make on their conference call with reporters Tuesday, when they claimed 9 million newly covered.

Now who wants to count the millions whose insurance plans were canceled because of Obamacare?

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Kathleen Sebelius gushes that ‘today, there are millions of newly insured Americans!’

Editor’s note: This post has been amended to change the word Medicare to Medicaid. Twitchy regrets the error.

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