Bada-zing! What sparked that snark from PJ Media’s Stephen Green? Well, this is happening:

Sidesplitting! Humility. From Beltway Bubble Boy David Brooks.

More from New York Magazine:

Star New York Times columnist and Jay-Z enthusiast David Brooks is taking his talents to New Haven. The Yale Herald‘s Bullblog noticed that every liberals’ “favorite conservative” will be teaching a class in the spring titled just plain “Humility.” According to its description, the course promises to explore “The premise that human beings are blessed with many talents but are also burdened by sinfulness, ignorance, and weakness,” as demonstrated by men such as Moses, Homer, and “others,” like maybe Paul Krugman. “I taught at Yale about six or seven years ago and at Duke since and really enjoyed it,” Brooks told Intelligencer, “so I was pleased to be able to do it again. I’m going to commute up Mondays and Tuesdays each week.”

Stop it!

Even more sidesplitting? The resultant Iowahawk riff:

Heh. But perhaps Brooks is a good choice?

Giggling madly.

Iowahawk then achieved total nailing with this suggestion:

For the win, indeed.


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