Actress Pia Glenn must’ve thought she was pretty clever when she took shots at Mitt and Ann Romney’s adopted grandson on MSNBC. See, even though she was mocking an innocent child of color for the hell of it, she didn’t seem to think she did anything unsavory:

There it is! She didn’t pick that photo of the Romneys, so she most certainly can’t be held accountable for what she said about it. Or something.

Really, Pia? Then what would you call singling out a little boy in order to shame his family for loving him?

We may never find out. Meanwhile, unlike Melissa Harris-Perry or co-panelist Dean Obeidallah, Glenn has apologized. But she still doesn’t seem all that clear on what she’s apologizing for:

Is it really a mystery why so many people have taken offense to her remarks? No. But at least she’s made an attempt at an apology. She’s sorry about something. Just don’t expect her contrition to go too deeply:

Yeah, haters. It’s not like she’s Phil Robertson or something.




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