Oh, Debbie! You are just too precious. On the plus side, thanks for the mad giggles. We needed the abs workout after holiday eating binges and all.


Yep. And something else:

Ding, ding, ding!


Hey, what about this, Ms. Wasserman Schultz?

Bingo. Remember, in a bless your heart move, Wasserman Schultz tweeted that Michelle Malkin would eat her words about Obamacare. Double precious!

Alas, she didn’t heed the practice what you preach advice.

That’s right. She wasn’t finished continuing to make a fool out of herself yet:

Wow, super “constructive”! Also, you know, ludicrous.

Since growing up seems to be hard for her, there is this alternative suggestion:


Or this:

Yes, please continue!

And another idea for the exit win:

Now that’s a New Year’s resolution!


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