Hate-speech spewer. Bias? What bias?!

Unbelievable. OK, maybe it is totally believable coming from the Denver Post, which recently scrubbed “socialist” from profile of Arapahoe shooter.

As Twitchy reported, Phil Robertson will be back on “Duck Dynasty” after A&E reversed its decision to suspend Robertson. On the heels of that announcement, The Denver Post tweeted out this piece penned by its television critic.

Seriously. The piece not only called Robertson a “hate-speech spewer, but it also referred to his comments as “unchristian,” “vile” and “bigoted.” Hmm. Taking a page from Piers Morgan’s book, Denver Post? Read the whole thing, if you can. It is hard to get through it due to an immediate and overwhelming desire to flee in embarrassment for the author. Perhaps the most humiliating and pitiful piece of all time? You decide.

While the opinion piece was penned by the television critic, The Denver Post backed it enough to see fit to promote it on its Facebook page.


That reader comment is dead-on. More comments on the Denver Post’s Facebook page sum it all up:


And more:



Also saying something? This:

That might explain much.


A Denver Post staffer responds:


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