As Twitchy reported, outraged tweeters, including a former Afghan ambassador, were up in arms yesterday over a photo purporting to show members of the U.S. military posing with a dead, bloody lion. It didn’t take a professional journalist to figure out that the image was a Photoshop job — a bad one at that — but at least one reporter proved to be quite adept at being fooled.

Yesterday, Al Jazeera journo Baba Umar retweeted this for his followers:

And followed up with this:

Yeah, no.

One day later, Umar still hasn’t issued an apology or correction. He hasn’t even deleted the tweet in an effort to pretend that he never sent it in the first place. As a “real journalist,” he should be all over this, no?

Maybe when he catches up to the rest of us, he can look into this:



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