Covered California, the crown jewel of Obamacare that suffered from software glitches earlier this week, is happily celebrating Christmas, but countless consumers are not quite so joyful:

Frustrated consumers also vented on Covered California’s Facebook page:

Alex Joven: “I couldn’t even create an account. Website kept teasing me by allowing me to get most of the way through, then sending me back to square one or telling me “web page is unavailable.” After 3 hours of this I decided a penalty isn’t a bad decision.”

Jeffrey Manning: “the system kicked us all into the naturalized citizen category that we had to sendin documents of proof. It cannot be corrected by anyone in Covered Ca as it is a know bug per the 2 managers at Covered Ca. A complete cluster##%. I should have waiteduntil the last minute instead of being proactive and signing up early. ….”

K.k. Martin: “I can’t get pass the cart it won’t let me check out. It sends me back to the log in page which forces me to start all over! How are we suppose to get covered if we can’t even select a plan!?”

Denese Gentry: “Hi have been trying for over a month to sign up. At one point I thought I had completed an application waiting for email. Nothing has occurred. Every time I try it says there is an error diagnoses this page cannot be opened…HELP”

Alexis Michelle Cato: “I have been trying to enroll on your website for several days. I keep getting an error message and it wouldn’t let me finish! I have used the online assistant chat feature 3x and each time no agent came on the chat….I have called several times and NEVER get through to ANYONE…and I sent an email off for assistance, which an automated response said I would get a response in 2 days….that was 4 days ago, and the deadline is past. I’ve now requested online assistance and it’s assured me also it would get in touch with me. I won’t hold my breath.”

Consumers who began an application on December 23rd but weren’t able to complete it have been given an extension. They now have until Friday, December 27 at 8 pm to finish for coverage starting on January 1. Good luck with that. Oh, and Merry Christmas!