Covered California’s high enrollment is being touted by some on the Left as evidence that Obamacare is working just fine.

It is unclear, however, how many of those “enrollees” have actually paid for their first months’ coverage.

According to the Los Angeles Times, many people who signed up for Covered California say that “insurers are telling them they still have no record of their enrollment.” Here’s one of them:

With January 1st rapidly approaching, what are these people supposed to do? Covered California reportedly told one woman that she should simply send a check to her insurer, even though she still has not been invoiced.

Russ Furie said his Aetna policy for his two children runs out at year’s end because the company is leaving the state’s individual insurance market. The Santa Clarita father enrolled his two children, ages 12 and 15, in Medi-Cal at the end of October.

But he says he still doesn’t have proof of their insurance. Furie is covered by Medicare because of a disability.

“It seems to me they had three years to get their act together, but confirmation and verification of the insurance has been a nightmare,” Furie said. “I’m scared out of my mind because I don’t want my kids to go without insurance.”

Costa Mesa tutor Krista Wilson has run into a similar problem. She said she signed up for a Bronze plan from Anthem Blue Cross Nov. 15. But she still hasn’t received a bill from the insurer, and Covered California told her last week to mail a check to a company post office box.

[Emphasis added.]

So send your check to an insurer that has no record of your enrollment. Sounds like a great plan!