According to Buzzfeed, Rep. Paul Ryan’s new passion is “compassionate conservatism” — with a focus on helping America’s poor:

Until recently, Paul Ryan would have seemed like an improbable pick to lead the restoration of compassionate conservatism with a heartfelt mission to the poor. Of all the caricatures he has inspired — from heroic budget warrior to black-hearted Scrooge — “champion of the poor” has never been among them. And yet, Ryan has spent the past year quietly touring impoverished communities across the country with Woodson, while his staff digs through center-right think tank papers in search of conservative policy proposals aimed at aiding the poor. Next spring, Ryan plans to introduce a new battle plan for the war on poverty — one he hopes will launch a renewed national debate on the issue.

It sounds like a good PR strategy, but is it for real? Daily Caller writer Mickey Kaus notes that Ryan is a leading GOP proponent of amnesty — a policy that will undoubtedly put downward pressure on wages of the poor people Ryan claims he wants to help.

Kaus has made the point repeatedly:

He may not have convinced Ryan and other GOP elites, but Kaus is right. Anyone who is truly worried about the plight of low-wage American workers wouldn’t be promoting amnesty.


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