On Monday, the world cringed and giggled as it met Pajama Boy, @BarackObama’s masculinity-challenged, onesie-clad spokesmodel for Obamacare. Rawr!

The mockery was swift and sure and something called “masculonormative.” Heh.

It continued through the night with mash-ups and other sidesplitting Photoshops. Jon Gabriel’s brilliant #PajamaBoy selfie was the early and undefeated winner, with over 300 retweets. Care to double that, Twitchy readers?

Selfies and bronies and bros, oh my!



All that’s missing is creepy Jim in a Hoodie-Footie. And if we know Twitter (and we think we do), there will be a Sirota douche-punch onesie by the end of the day. Don’t disappoint us! (We’re looking at you, @CuffyMeh, @ExJon and @Matthops82.)


Editor’s note: It’s important to us that the Photoshoppers are properly credited for their work. If you spot a stolen pic, please let us know so we can shame the thief and give props to the right people.

Update: Some more entries!


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