David Brooks’ most recent column, “The Thought Leader,” seems to be about … something. It seems to be a sly putdown of the Gawker generation of writers; that, or it’s a self-effacing reflection on Brooks himself. Or, it might be aimed at the entire Internet. Whatever it is, it has people tweeting.

Don’t fret. The best part is that simply reading tweets about the column is more fun than reading the column. Here’s a sample of Brooks’ latest.

Within a few years, though, his [The Thought Leader’s] mood has shifted from smarm to snark. There is no writer so obscure as a 26-year-old writer. So he is suddenly consumed by ambition anxiety — the desperate need to prove that he is superior in sensibility to people who are superior to him in status. Soon he will be writing blog posts marked by coruscating contempt for extremely anodyne people: “Kelly Clarkson: Satan or Merely His Spawn?”

Of course the writer in this unjustly obscure phase will develop the rabid art of being condescending from below. Of course he will confuse his verbal dexterity for moral superiority. Of course he will seek to establish his edgy in-group identity by trying to prove that he was never really that into Macklemore.




We told you the tweets were more fun.

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