A day when we stop counting calories? Sign. Us. Up.

Hey, left-wing union organizers and groupies, conservative comedian Stephen Kruiser has a little something to say about agitating to keep workers in entry-level jobs. Here’s his salty, flame-broiled hijacking of the #FastFoodStrikes hashtag.

But Kruiser isn’t just mocking; he’s also a giver. He offered some advice to would-be strikers and union thugs. #KruiserFeelings:

Why the #FastFoodStrikes hashtag?

Dude, don’t make them start counting characters. Math is hard.

Who’s striking anyway?

At least the hashtag serves a purpose:

And out of the woodwork they slither:

McD's CEO: more than $6000 an hour. McD's cashier $7.71 an hour #fastfoodstrikes #raiseuppgh

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#KansasCity is on strike in the national #FastFoodStrikes

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Here’s the true evil of union pushers nutshelled in a single tweet:

Bingo. All while union organizers enrich their coffers at the expense of workers. But just try getting that to sink in when you’re dealing with the perpetually thick-headed.

It’s late. Time to wrap things up.

Heh. Always room for a little more:

Fluke powers, activate! Shape of … a rally of ones.


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