If you’ve been following the continuing saga of Alec Baldwin’s epic implosion, you’ll remember he was suspended by MSNBC after calling a photographer a “c*cksucking fag.” Or maybe a “c*cksucking fathead,” according to his expert acoustic analysts.

Once Baldwin’s show was canceled, he ripped MSNBC for firing him and keeping Martin Bashir, the now ex-MSNBC host who suggested someone should crap in Sarah Palin’s mouth.

Baldwin eventually changed his tune: He seemed to have pity for Bashir and praised his “aggressive content.” But too late, Alec! Bashir is out at MSNBC, so own it, dude. Or, you know, pretend your initial reaction never happened and tweet more support for the scat porn fetishist:

Apparently Alec doesn’t have a very long memory about his betrayal of Bashir. Now it’s a race to see who blows up again first, the defecation fantasizer or the crazed, meltdown-prone actor. Our money’s on Baldwin.