Unbelievably, this happened:

This is beyond a staggering lack of self-awareness: It has moved right into chilling.

Twitter users gave the pink-soled but soulless Davis the business and rightly so. Remember, Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis achieved her sickening “hero” status by filibustering in support of late-term abortion and unsafe clinics for women. Children are her top priority, people! You know, the ones that aren’t killed before they can take their first breaths.

“Investing” doesn’t mean what she apparently thinks it means either.

Words are hard for Ms. Davis, as is having a moral compass. For the Children ™? Baloney.

And a fix for Ms. Davis:

Evil truth.

Keep displaying your moral bankruptcy, abortion evangelist Davis. You do not care about women nor children. You care only about your repugnant “cause.” You know, the cause that results in dead viable babies.

Investing? Try investing in a soul.


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