Onyango “Omar” Obama, 69, today testified at a deportation hearing that his nephew, Barack Obama, stayed with him in the ’80s while a student at Harvard Law School. That story, though, contradicts the White House’s account, which says that the two men never met.

Maria Sacchetti, immigration reporter for the Boston Globe, live-tweeted the hearing today.

Omar Obama “has never met his famous nephew, according to the White House,” wrote Sally Jacobs in the Boston Globe in a January 2012 profile of Omar following a drunken driving arrest. He reportedly told the booking officer, “I think I will call the White House.’’

So who’s telling the truth?

Aaron Blake of the Washington Post writes:

The White House said following Omar Obama’s arrest that he and the president had never met. The president was not close to his father’s side of the family given his father’s absence in his life.

The White House did not immediately comment on Omar Obama’s claim.

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