Too bad the Thanksgiving Tryptophan didn’t put the Occupy/anti-Walmart hypocrites into a deep sleep. Instead, the raging progs were busy bees on Twitter and other corporate social media late last night as Black Friday commenced.

Behold these scolding capitalism-bashers, ever eager to exploit the annual holiday riots and fights at Walmart, Best Buy, and the nation’s malls for their own destructive purposes.

Curses on capitalism! You know, the same economic system that brought us Twitter, Apple, Google, and all the hipster coffee shops and boutiques where the grievance-mongers congregate.

Cluebats, activate!

Nope, it never gets old with the moldy old Marxist wannabes who can’t let go of their own capitalist crutches.

We’re reminded of the best Occupy Mob diagram ever.

REI tents, most likely. Flashback:

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