Conservative New Hampshire state Rep. Marilinda Garcia announced her bid for Congress this week.

That’s when Dems revved up the “conservative female abuse” machine and lashed out at the GOP candidate. N.H. state Rep. Peter Sullivan was psyched to be at the front of the Dem vitriol line.

This is the same dehumanizing weaponized misogyny we’ve seen from the Left over and over.

Remember hearing that Palin is “Pat Buchanan in drag” and Nikki Haley is “Mark Sanford in drag“? And how many conservative women have been called “Bush in a skirt”? To say Garcia is a male N.H. lawmaker “in stiletto heels” suggests she’s merely masquerading as a woman. This is a hateful attempt to delegitimize and undermine her by casting her out of her very gender and sexualizing her at the same time. “Mashed up bag of meat with lipstick” anyone?

But Sullivan wasn’t done yet. He went all-in with a Kim Kardashian comparison, not-so-subtly tying Garcia to woman who rose to fame as the star of a sex tape.

Katie Pavlich knows as well as anyone about the Democrats’ War on Women and she was having none of it.

Here’s Sullivan’s Twitter avatar:


NO H8, huh? Unless it’s coming from a Dem targeting a conservative woman. That’s how it works, right? Garcia doesn’t really count as a woman anyway, eh Sullivan?

Anything else to say, Sullivan?

Of course. The triple-laminated Democratic Party Victimhood Card.

For the record, Twitchy covered Sullivan’s tweets in September when he lashed out at U.S Rep. Trey Radel for using a “slogan of pre-WWII Nazi appeasers.” Looks like we’re still living rent-free in Sullivan’s head. Good thing it’s so spacious!


Darn Twitchy swarm:

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