Inadvertent honesty from President Obama? The campaigner in chief attended yet another fundraiser on Sunday. CBS’ Mark Knoller had the goods:

Pesky citizens voting in the “wrong kind” of people to, you know, represent them! How dare y’all? Don’t you know they are a “barrier” to President Obama and his “progress”? Is he now openly admitting he’s not a fan of that whole “we, the people” thing? He. Knows. Best.

But no worries!

Don’t count on it, champ.

Citizens graciously helped the president out:

And an exit suggestion for a Teachable Moment:

Heh. Surely that would work, since he’s not “particularly ideological” and all. Except for when he is constantly demonizing Republicans and blaming them for everything, including his own shameful incompetence.


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