As Twitchy reported, James O’Keefe and Project Veritas recently turned their lenses on the Obamacare navigator program and Enroll America in particular. Project Veritas caught navigators actively encouraging people to lie about their income in order to secure lower health care premiums. Enroll America, ostensibly a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, also seemed to be sharing information with the very partisan Battleground Texas.

O’Keefe now says that Enroll America has been pressured to respond. KCEN TV reports:

Chris Tarango, the Texas Enroll America communications head, was scheduled to appear Thursday morning but did not.

A video released yesterday now has him in potential hot water…

“Enroll America being that it’s a state leadership role and being the sensitivity with the 501(c)(3) status, this conversation never happened,” Tarango said in the undercover video.

The conversation he’s trying to say never happened is about the alleged sharing of people’s personal information after they sign up for Obamacare.

Watchdog group Project Veritas sent someone undercover in Austin — claiming to be from a political action committee.

In this secret video, they also prompted this comment:

“I will talk to one person that I think might be open to having this conversation behind closed doors…the person that I’m telling you, that I’m referring to is like me in the leadership position, and so he could export the list if he wanted to…”

But that may be against the law. In the video, Tarango goes on to say that if he had a few beers with this leadership person — giving up such information wouldn’t be the craziest thing he’s ever heard.

A spokesperson for Enroll America said, “We’re reviewing those statements, and will take appropriate action.”