Last week, the ever-so-feminist Cher shattered the glass ceiling of crazy when she called Palin a “dumb C-word” (but with more trademark cuckoo-caps).

Sarah Palin thanked her brother, Chuck Health Jr., for his “fine response” to the perpetually unhinged and incomprehensible diva. Her Facebook post:

Click the link below to read a fine response to Cher. And enjoy this pic of my brother Chuck’s beautiful wife and daughter. They paint a beautiful picture, and I’m thankful they know how to react to irrational rants. Thanks, brother! See you at Thanksgiving dinner! Bring your skates.

And here’s her brother’s open letter to Cher:

Dear Cher,

I was sorry to hear that you tweeted out such vile comments about my little sister yesterday. It’s sad because Sarah has never had a harsh word to say about you. In fact, our grandmother was one of your biggest fans.

Have a good night,