Snort! But not the sexiest man alive? We beg to differ. Actor John Stamos hit up the “Today” show Wednesday morning.

More Uncle Jesse in the @todayshow #OrangeRoom

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Sadly, Adam Levine was the one actually named top guy by People Magazine.

But Twitter fans agree that it is John Stamos who equals swoon.

It seems that someone at the “Today” show also finds him irresistibly dreamy:

Oh no, Al. Hump day? A little too much fantasy information there, buddy. It might even be more disturbing than your on-air prostate exam.

Al Roker might be crying in his tear-stained diary right about now. Snubbed!



The trauma continues! Worst part of Al Roker, Matt Lauer on-air prostate exams? [pic]

‘When I think morning news, I think anal probe!’ WTH did Matt Lauer, Al Roker do? [pics, unfortunately]

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