President Obama is participating in an online conference call on Obamacare tonight with his friends at Organizing For Action (OFA). However, in an interesting twist, numerous reporters had difficulty logging into the call on the OFA website.

So, not only does the Obamacare website itself not work, but the site that hosts the conference call to discuss the non-functional site also doesn’t work. Of course, that didn’t stop the grandiose claims about how many OFA loyalists were on the call. Just as predicted by Josh Lederman of the Associated Press, they led off with a claim about so how many people were clamoring to get into the call.

What did those “hundreds of thousands” of people hear? Well…

Yeah, that’s a solution! While we’re at it, why don’t we start using the Pony Express to deliver insurance cancellation notices?

Wait, really? You’re actually telling people to hijack their friends’ holiday parties to sell this thing? Trust us, Mr. President, there are more than enough unsolicited political arguments at our family holiday gatherings as it is. We don’t need you egging it on.

For once, Mr. President, we agree with you.