Wait … what?

So that happened. First Nancy Pelosi declared on “Meet the Press” that Democrats “stand tall” in support of the Obamacare train wreck (oh please keep supporting it, guys! See you in 2014). Then she uttered the hoop-dee-do nonsense. What in the hell?

Whatever, guys. Suck it up! It’s just a little hoop-dee-do! Or hoopty-do, if you prefer.

Sneering contempt, now with more nonsense words!

Citizens swiftly mocked like the wind.



She’s, like, totally hip and stuff! Or something.

Some exit snark brings it all home.

Heh. It misspelled “idjit.”


Bless her lying heart! Nancy Pelosi ‘stands tall’ for Obamacare lies; Throws Dems under the bus?