Get ready for Lie-apalooza!

Snicker. And that is exactly what happened.

Full tweet via Facebook:

Watching Nancy Pelosi lie on Meet The Press is pissing me off. Calling the plan that is doubling my insurance rate and forcing me to buy maternity coverage and a bunch of other stuff I don’t need “affordable” is a lie. Do you trust the people who cant even set up a website to run your healthcare? I do not.



Ms. Pelosi doubled-down on Twitter.

Oh, lying liar who lies! Bless your heart.

Citizens try to give her a heaping dose of reality.

It’s totally cool though, you guys. Democrats “stand tall” in support of Obamacare, according to Ms. Pelosi.

Oh really? Because it seems like they are running scared and frantically trying to distance themselves from it. But, hey, keep saying y’all “stand tall” in support of a devastating train wreck. It is very much appreciated. Thanks, Nancy!

We can see 2014 from your support. You own it, Democrats.


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