Oh for cripes sake!

Another day, another entry in the Handbook of Racial Code Words. And yet another “dog whistle” that only libs can hear. What was it this time? Oh, just Sarah Palin continuing to live rent-free in the head of CNN analyst Marc Lamont Hill.

Sigh. Mentioning that being indebted is a form of enslavement? Racist, natch.

“I am Obama”? Freudian squeeing slip?

What’s “wow” is attempting to smear someone as racist for ever using the word slavery.

Lefty professor Anthea Butler got into the Palin Derangement Syndrome mix.

Yes, remember that time Mr. Lamont Hill was shocked that Sarah Palin was nice to him when they ran across each other at an airport? That doesn’t suit! She’s like the devil and stuff!

Double sigh.

The sane schooled the idjit who cried dog whistle and it was beautiful.


Double what? Criminy! Evidently his memory is as poor as his thinking skills. But no worries! A giver was there to help him out:


Heh. Ms. McKinley continued to gloriously give Lamont Hill the business.

Ding, ding, ding!

But that’s totally cool, you see. Because they have a (D) after their names.

Other Twitter users also tried to explain reality to the professor.

Yes, what about that? And remember professor, if you can with your pitifully selective memory, President Obama agreed with the “back in chains” remark. Dog whistle!

Ms. McKinley sums it all up:


This Twitter user proved her point immediately.




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