On Saturday, Twitchy reported that scores of Filipinos cheerfully looted a Tacloban City mal in the wake of Super Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda. Today, amid reports of 10,000 deaths, looting and theft have become even more widespread, according to local news reports and eyewitnesses. One local news outlet describes the scene at Robinson’s Place shopping center as follows:

Children lugged plastic bags of rubber shoes and sandals. A group of men sported identical Hello Kitty backpacks, each filled with loot. Two teenagers towed a stroller full of DVD players.

Attempts were also apparently made to break into automatic teller machines.

Many of the looters don’t appear to be hungry or desperate, and they are not stealing only bare necessities such as food and water.

Homes, too? Yes, everyone is a potential target of the looters. Even relief workers.