Sarah Palin and Sen. Mike Lee took the stage at the Faith and Freedom Coalition dinner in Iowa Saturday night. Ms. Palin also took to Twitter to give her thanks to those who were in attendance:

Via Facebook:

It was wonderful to see so many inspiring and patriotic Iowans tonight at the Faith & Freedom Coalition dinner. They join other hard working Americans as the wind beneath the wings of our great republic, and their hard work and activism make a difference!

Photo by Michelle McCormick

On-the-scene Twitter users captured great photos and remarks from the speeches.

Amen, sister! Ms. Palin scored big with this dead-on suggestion:

Fight like a girl, baby!

Sen. Lee was no slouch either.

That’s right. And it goes back to that whole spine thing.

And a prediction from Sarah Palin:


Double amen.

Keep the truth coming, Sarah Palin and Sen. Lee.


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