Brent Spiner, perhaps best known for portraying Lt. Commander Data on “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” is understandably upset about gun violence. Unfortunately, his solution to the problem is to do away with private gun ownership.


Attention, gun owners: You’re all “dangerous.” Gee, insulting much?

It’s indeed OK to disagree. What is not OK is demonizing an entire group of Americans — a large group, at that — as violent or dangerous for exercising a constitutional right.

Fellow actor Adam Baldwin attempted to reason with Spiner:

Bingo. Responsible gun owners are a danger only to those who seek to do harm.

Ever the gentleman, Baldwin invited Spiner for a day at the range:

(Note to Mr. Baldwin: We at Twitchy would be glad to join you.)

Unfortunately, Spiner doesn’t seem likely to take Baldwin up on the offer anytime soon.

Baldwin had the answer:

Nailed it.

Other tweeters joined Baldwin in shooting holes in Spiner’s arguments:

And they made the case for gun rights:


And the right to do so is protected by the Constitution.

Responsibility is key. And legal gun owners understand that.

Gun control laws only wind up hurting the people they’re ostensibly meant to protect.

Correct. Time and time again, gun control has been proven ineffective as a solution to violence:

“Gun-free zones” only give criminals a green light.

But if Spiner changes his mind and decides he’s ready for a reality check:

* * *


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