To the dismay of many environmentalists, a Washington state ballot initiative that would require mandatory labeling of genetically-modified foods is losing in early returns:

Washington voters Tuesday were rejecting a measure that would have made the state the first in the nation to require labeling of genetically engineered foods.

The measure trailed 45 to 55 percent — a margin that appeared impossible to overcome.

It was a stunning reversal for an initiative that two-thirds of voters supported in early polls.

A similar measure, which was supported by Charlie Sheen and other liberal celebs, was defeated in California last year.

The anti-science Left is blaming the apparent loss on — what else? — evil corporate money:

It’s true that the opponents of the Washington initiative had a ton of money ($22 million), but supporters were no slouches, having raised at least $7 million.

Apparently $7 million wasn’t enough to get the anti-GMO message out, even in a state as small and liberal as Washington.

By the way, if money is the sine qua non of electoral success, how do GMO opponents explain the failure of Amendment 66 in Colorado?


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