So many Americans are being forced to sit helplessly and watch their health care coverage balloon in cost or disappear altogether. And as The Weekly Standard’s Jay Cost points out, the media’s played a significant role in allowing all this to happen:

Well, here’s a possibility:

Certainly makes sense.

MSM lapdogs were far too busy licking Obama’s boots to do their job.

More details the MSM didn’t think were worth examining:

The media should’ve been all over this.

And for GOPers still not convinced that full repeal is a goal worth pursuing, consider this:

And you can’t fix stupid. Obamacare was doomed to fail from the start. If it continues to move forward, it’s going to take us down with it.

We certainly can’t look to Obama to clean up this mess:



When dealing with something as inherently rotten as Obamacare, trying to save certain parts will only postpone the inevitable.

It’s also worth noting that the GOP isn’t innocent in this, either:

If full repeal is what we’re after, it’s going to take a big commitment — and competent leadership: