Sub-par. You see, your “betters” will decide what kind of health insurance plan is good enough. Never mind that you liked your plan and paid for it willingly each and every month. No matter that you were told, explicitly and repeatedly, that you could keep your plan if you like it. Period.

That wasn’t a blatant lie, according to the sycophantic hacks at the New York Times. President Obama just “misspoke.” Plus, y’all don’t know any better anyway. You can’t decide what plans you want yourselves! Don’t be silly! Even if it means you will lose the life-saving doctors and insurance plan that enabled you to beat all odds and survive Stage IV cancer for nearly seven years, like Edie Littlefield Sundby.

The fault there? The cancer survivors’ own fault, according to the soulless cretin Dan Pfeiffer.

Well, no more. Citizens have had it. As Twitchy reported, today is a national day of mourning and protest. Americans are tweeting their cancellation notices and their stories of insurance loss to @WhiteHouse, using the #MyHealthPlanDied hashtag.

And so it begins:

We are givers, so we’ll help the White House out further: This is what is happening. This is the effect of Obamacare; As Brit Hume said, the insured are becoming the uninsured. Plans that haven’t been canceled have premiums that are rising sharply. Many who are seeking new plans, after receiving the dreaded cancellation notice, can no longer afford insurance at all.

Can you hear us now? Do you care? Of course you don’t.

The end justifies the means, even if the means are hurting American families.

And for the win:

Of course, no one actually wins under Obamacare. We all lose.

Do not remain silent. Keep telling the truth.

Silent no longer. What will they do? Smear and attack us all (again) like they despicably did to cancer survivor Edie Littlefield Sundby on Monday?

Bring it.


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