That can’t be true, can it?

Yes. Yes it is. Check out Dan Pfeiffer’s despicable tweet posted via his official White House Twitter account.

Beyond repugnant. As Twitchy reported, Edie Littlefield Sundby is a Stage IV cancer survivor. She is losing her current insurance plan due to Obamacare. She cannot keep her plan, nor the doctors, that have helped her beat all odds and live for almost seven years. Greta Van Susteren and Brit Hume brought her story to the attention of the boot-licking hacks at the New York Times who claimed that President Pants on Fire “clearly misspoke” when he said you could keep your plan. No biggie.

Those with a soul (does not include the NYT editorial board) are repulsed by the White House’s Dan Pfeiffer and his callous disregard for this woman’s life.

Yep. Hey, they didn’t build that and you shouldn’t have chosen that, rubes.

While cretinous, is it really surprising?


We’d say shame on you, you soulless bastards, but you can’t shame the shameless now, can you? Speaking of shameless:

What say you, boot-lickers? We won’t hold our breath.

Update: Truth.


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