Obama adviser Dan Pfeiffer went on “This Week” to tell America that if you like your health insurance you can keep it … but only if it is hasn’t been changed, downgraded, or canceled. If.


Let’s talk about [President Obama’s] promise for a second. If the president didn’t intend to keep this promise why would he have gone out of his way to put a provision in the law [that] specifically says that if you have a plan before Obamacare passed you can keep that plan? Now if your plan has been downgraded or canceled, you can’t.

and 5% [Americans in the individual market], if you had your plan and it hasn’t been changed or canceled, you can keep it.

Here’s the video (starting at about 2:05):

In other words, as Sen. Max Baucus might say, if you like your plan you can “pretty much” keep it.

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