Yep, that’s a win right there. You see, the New York Times upped the hackery Sunday when its editorial board absurdly claimed that President Obama didn’t really lie when he said “you can keep your plan.” Guys, he totally just “misspoke!” Over and over. Period.

As Twitchy reported, the mockery was swift and sure. And “just bloggers” and citizens helped out the “real journalists” over at the paper of hack-tastic record with a brutal compilation video of all of President Liar Pants’ “misspeaking.

Will the White House now pivot to the teleprompter excuse?


Loesch further slammed Obama and the New York Times as only she can:

Bingo! “Lying one’s head off,” indeed. Is it any wonder his poll numbers are plummeting? Sane people (this excludes you, NYT editorial board) do not like big fat liars.


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