Less amazing? The fact that Sally Kohn’s the one doing it. Today, she’s hung up on Ted Cruz:

Yeah. That. Kohn may be patting herself on the back for finding that gem, but Townhall.com’s Katie Pavlich isn’t nearly as impressed:

So what if she didn’t make that poster? Somebody else made that poster happen and she endorsed it. Also, it’s just “hyperbole,” guys!

Pavlich continued:

Remember, Sally?

No it isn’t. Unless you’re a lefty, that is. In that case, it’s hilarious.

Understandable. It’s pretty disgusting. Fortunately, these tweeters had some choice words for Ms. Kohn:



Nailed it.

Right? Neither can we.

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Anyone up for a little backpedaling?

You thought wrong, cupcake.

Here’s what’s clear: She’s just sorry she got caught.


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