Jon Lovitz’s disgust? You did earn that, President Obama.

Last November, the actor, comedian and business owner greeted the news of Obama’s reelection by snarking, “‘I can’t wait to go to a hospital run by the DMV!” He also shared that several of his friends were worried Obamacare would devastate their small businesses. “They can’t afford the health care costs and stay in business,” he tweeted.

This week Lovitz tweeted about the news that the lapdog media are finally reporting: If Obama likes your plan, you can keep your plan. Otherwise, you’re screwed. Period.

All you get to “keep” are Obamacare penalties and the lies that got President “That’s The Ticket” elected.

Whatever. Just “get over it,” as Rep. Jan Schakowsky said today.

Lovitz may still consider himself a Democrat, but as he showed with this retweet, he’s no fan of the sneering liar in the White House.

He’s had enough of the White House tales lovingly recorded by Obama’s media stenographers.

Come over to the dark side, Jon. We still get you.


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