Veteran liberal journalist Bill Moyers did a little bit of angry tweeting over the negative coverage that Obamacare has been getting in the press. His website published a full-throated defense of the imploding legislation, pooh-poohing its many problems, including the fact that millions of Americans are losing their health insurance policies, despite President Obama’s infamous promise.

Here is what the article says about that broken promise:

Front-and-center today is an NBC “investigation” that’s been getting an enormous amount of attention, especially in conservative circles. It supposedly reveals that the Obama administration knew in advance that millions of insurance plans would be cancelled even as the president repeatedly promised Americans, “if you like your healthcare plan, you will be able to keep your healthcare plan.”

But this purported ‘smoking gun’ only tells us the obvious: that the administration, like every health care expert in the world, knew that within the individual market there were insurance plans that don’t meet minimal standards of coverage – plans that would likely leave their purchasers bankrupt should an accident or serious illness befall them. (Perhaps Obama should have said, “if you have a plan that isn’t a ripoff and doesn’t leave you entirely exposed to risk, you can keep it.”) (Emphasis added.)

In other words, it doesn’t matter if it’s a broken promise because most Americans will be able to get better insurance in the future.

Maybe. Someday. When they fix the website. Well, probably. Ok, not all Americans, but some of them. So shut up already.

This argument seems to making the rounds among liberal journos recently:

Got it, stupid people?