Homegirl’s on a roll!

Last night, NBC’s Lisa Myers and Hannah Rappleye reported that the Obama administration had known all along that millions of Americans would lose their current coverage. But according to Talking Points Memo’s Josh Marshall, reports of Obamacares failures have been greatly exaggerated:

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen someone bend over quite so far backwards to mislead people about what’s contained in a story. But it is Lisa Myers. So I guess we shouldn’t be surprised? We were just discussing this amongst our ed staff: it’s true that the White House did oversell how little change there would be in the individual insurance market. But saying that millions of people are getting ‘cancellation notices’ or ‘losing their coverage’ is deeply misleading.

An accurate way to portray what’s happening might go like this: Millions of people are finding out that they’re being rolled over into new policies that provide fuller coverage. But some may end up paying more, even after the subsidies that the law provides.

WH superflack Tara McGuinness, who also answers to “Julia,” endorses Marshall’s assessment:


She has absolutely no shame.

Of course she knows it. She just doesn’t care.


Exactly. But reality is hard for shills like Tara.

And she’ll never admit she’s full of it. Instead, she’ll just stick to passing off fiction as ‘FACT,’ Valerie Jarrett-style:

Just pathetic.

One tweeter does manage to find some unintentional truth in Tara’s lie:

Good point. Here they come now!



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