According to Business Insider’s Josh Barro, our choice of health insurance is something we can take or leave. But we’d better cling fast to Big Government with all our might!

He sure does! Observe, peasants:

Silly rubes, believing in the freedom to choose!

Shorter Barro:

Indeed. The Founding Fathers were totes trippin’ when they championed individual rights.

Thank goodness we’ve got someone like Josh Barro to show us the light.

So do we.

But of course! Only leftists are in tune with our wants and needs.

Citizens are rightly repulsed by Barro’s shameless statism:

That’s a perfect description.

True, but it doesn’t make him any more appealing.

That’s a tall order. Might take some help:




Josh Barro: Maybe it’s better you can’t keep your health care plan after all