As the news reports mount of millions of Americans losing their health insurance, White House Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz is still confidently asserting that nobody is going to be forced out of his or her health insurance plan because of the inaptly-named “Affordable Care Act.”

Of course, Schultz didn’t say anything about the fact that the law makes certain types of health insurance policies illegal. So, yeah, one can argue that nobody is technically “forced out” of a policy by the ACA. It’s just that the ACA makes it unlawful for companies to offer various types of health insurance — so those plans disappear into thin air and there’s nothing left to be forced out of. Aren’t semantic games fun?

Not only is Schultz a shameless liar, he’s also a bad speller:

Extra points to Tim Miller for the Baghdad Bob reference:

We were going to do that one ourselves but he saved us the time.

Update: Schultz isn’t backing down:

Note the subtle shift in Schultz’s argument. He started off claiming that no one will be forced out of his or her health policy because of the ACA. Now he’s citing a PolitiFact article that claims many of the people who will lose coverage due to the ACA will be able to enroll in new policies.

By the way, PolitiFact’s track record on this issue is not exactly stellar.

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