The mystery continues! As Twitchy reported, the woman who was on the front page of the disaster known as has disappeared. Twitter users swiftly revealed ideas for a new front page and actor Adam Baldwin spotted the missing woman … on a milk carton. Hey, the buck has to stop somewhere, right? Who knew it would be with the Obamacare glitch girl!


Oooh. Some Twitter users suspected that White House Obamacare flack Tara McGuinness was actually “Jullia” in disguise. 

This reply to Ms. McCallum tops it all: Is this the best Halloween costume idea ever?

Giggling madly. Pics or it didn’t happen, sir!


ICYMI giggles: new front page; Adam Baldwin spots missing woman [pics]

Heckuva job, ‘tech surge’: Check out this morning [pic]

Woman on front page of disappears

Ha! Secret identity of @HealthCareTara, White House Obamacare flack, revealed?


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